Welcome to the Centre for Maritime and Regional Studies

CMRS studies the interaction of the oceans and human society. With expertise from historians, archaeologists, ethnologists, and social anthropologists, our research explores the interaction between humans and the sea from the earliest times to the Present.

CMRS is located in Esbjerg, Denmark, and focuses mainly on European studies but works with partners all over the globe to develop a comparative framework for our research. The centre is a home to both research and graduate studies.

Main fields of research are:
Maritime studies ‚€“ human utilisation of the sea as a resource and highway of transportation
Regional development ‚€“ social and economic activity in a geographic space
Maritime archaeology ‚€“ the maritime cultural landscape, its utilisation and material culture
Tourisme and Cultural Heritage ‚€“ the conservation and utilisation of coastal and marine resources

CMRS was established in 1994. It is a partnership of the University of Southern Denmark and the Fisheries and Maritime Museum. On 1 January 2008, the Archives of Danish Occupation History 1940-1945 joined CMRS as an associated partner.

The staff of CMRS at the University of Southern Denmark and the Fisheries and Maritime Museum form one research unit. Staff members at SDU also teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Department of History.

The staff are involved in several collaborative and individual research projects. A joint project on the Wadden Sea has recently been started.

In addition, CMRS is involved in following external research projects:

. CMRS at SDU is home to the doctoral research school MAST (former MARINERS).
- CMRS is also a partner in the Danish project Consequences of Weather and Climate Change to Aquatic Ecosystems (CONWOY).
- The regional history of Western Jutland and the Schleswig-Holstein counties is a core field of research. We maintain the web library for - Schleswig-Holstein.
- The project Virtual Museum - living regional history of the Danish German border region is a joint project of four partner universities in Denmark and Germany.

Thanks to some of our partners, which one way or another have contributed to the work of CMRS. CMRS is a non-profit research organization, so we are depened by the support of  volounteers and businesses.

- Stovsugertest.dk is a danish site which reviews and ranks vacuum cleaners. On the website, you can get a overview of the danish market for vaccum cleaners and see the most popular brands, that are being sold. The most popular brands in denmark are electrolux vacuums and miele vacuums.

- DTU skylab is part of the technical universtiy of Denmark. Their focus is to enable student innovation and entrepreneurship through three core areas which are; student innovation, company collaboration and academia.


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Niels Bohrs Vej 9
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CMRS - Research and post-graduate studies
in collaboration between SDU and Fiskeri- og SÝfartsmuseet, Esbjerg

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